PRP Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of inks and toners, developing innovative solutions and consumable supplies for digital printing processes. Our expertise is based on decades of development and production experience. PRP Solutions as a partner to trade and industry and as a specialist in accessories, made major contributions to the development and shaping of printing technologies.

Milestones in our history are:

  • Our own technology for xerography: Since 1978 at our Swiss site
  • Inks for inkjet technologies : Since 1982 at our Swiss site
  • Development of recycled toner cartridges: Since  1992 at our Swiss site
  • Thermal transfer coating technology: 1992 -  Egg / CH site and Turriff / UK
  • Our own colour toner development since 1993 at the M√∂nchaltdorf / CH site
  • Development of our own professional recycling and reprocessing production facility: Since 1995  at Kyjov / CZ site


Our own technology centre in China, guarantees a sustained high level of innovation in the development of tailor-made ink, toner and product solutions for the hardcopy market and the graphics industry. Our core philosophy is to optimally tailor our products and services to the requirements of our customers in trade and industry. We see a special obligation in ensuring the continuity of the traditional high quality and functionality of our products.
With a range of products for alternative printing accessories meeting market requirements for inkjet and laser printers, an excellent quality and genuine compliance with industrial property rights, PRP Solutions is one of the leading European hardcopy companies.


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