We are always looking for empties

Collecting empties - protecting the environment!

In the continually developing market of printer supplies, recycling and waste reduction are high profile issues. On of the largest collectors of empty cartridges in Europe, PRP Solutions collects empty inkjet and toner cartridges and provides wide individual collection programs adapted to each customer. We offer return processes tailored to your individual requirements utilizing numerous proven collection concepts.

Your benefits:

  • Dedicated collection boxes for inkjets and toners
  • Freepost bags for inkjets
  • Direct collections
  • Competitive pricing for empties received

We are always purchasing empty cartridges. The range of products purchased and all volumes are considered.


For further information or question please contact:

Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG
Mr Marc Berger
Haldenstrasse 30
8620 Wetzikon

Phone:+41 44 986 12 73
Fax:+41 44 986 12 15

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