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Based on the company's experience in manufacturing printer consumables, PRP Solutions can offer a wide range of semi-finished parts for toner and inkjet cartridges, as well as finished products for inkjet, laser and LED printers, fax machines and dot matrix printers. PRP Solutions consumables conform to all established international standards. Safety and compatibility with OEM equipment is confirmed by independent authorities. Prints of perfect sharpness, brilliant colours as well as high yield have secured top positions for Prime Printing ink products in consumer tests in leading magazines.

ISO 9001 / 14001 Certified / OHSAS 18001

PRP Solutions has been maintaining a quality management system according to the specification of ISO 9001 for many years. In February 2005 the effectiveness of the QM-system was approved by SGS and thereafter extended until 2007. PRP Solutions has been certificated since 1998 under the name Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG. These principles, specified in the PRP Solutions policy, apply to all levels of production, distribution, R&D as well as the world-wide sales and marketing of the products. In an era where international laws regarding the environment are becoming stricter all the time, we put our main emphasis on the development of environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and raw materials proven not to be damaging to health.

Our quality, environmental and health & safety policy is actively lived by each employee in every task as the fundamental basis for the PRP SOlutions corporate policy. Using a systematic and continuous improvement process we always strive to exceed the expectations of our interest partners (customers, consumer, public, shareholder, employees, deliverer) in the quality and environmental influence of our company. PRP Solutions reduces the consumption of natural resources as a preventative measure and minimises the environmental effects by avoiding waste, recycling and reducing emissions. PRP Solutions is committed to fully meeting the applicable legal requirements from environmental and workplace safety law through proactive actions.

The consistent implementation of our quality, environmental and health & safety policy through the involvement of each employee is the guarantee for sustainable growth and the success of our company.Each employee is made aware of this policy.

DIN 33870 / DIN 33871-1 Standard

PRP Solutions is one of the first producers of recycled toner and ink cartridges to have fulfilled the new DIN 33870 (toner) and DIN 33871-1 (inkjet) standards requirements. All our range of Prime Printing Technologies toner modules and inkjet cartridges are produced according to this German industrial standard. The DIN standard describes the strict requirements and tests for the treatment of used inkjet cartridges. The standard specifies the critieria for the condition, storage, packaging and identification. Before the products meet and comply with this standard, they must undergo exhaustive tests and meet specified conditions. These tests cover genetically harmful effects (AMES test), toner adhesion, yields and tests in climatic chambers.

2 years guarantee

PRP Solutions guarantees tested brand quality and gives you a 2 years guarantee. The toner modules and inkjet cartridges are comparable to the quality and performance of the original manufacturer. Some printer manufacturers draw attention to the loss of guarantee on the equipment if alternatives are used, this is however not legally tenable. The consumer does not run any risk by using Prime Printing Technologies accessories. As, if it can be proved that any damage is caused to the product, then PRP Solutions will naturally be liable for product liability for this damage within the framework of statutory provisions.

LGA tested (for harmful substances tested)

The LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern - Bavarian Trade Institute) has awarded numerous Prime Printing cartidges the LGA tested for harmful substances certificate. This public body works impartially and independently. The demanding certification criteria for the material analysis require the toner powder to be analysed for volatile compounds, heavy metals and organostannic compounds. Upon the toner meeting the normal values, it is subjected to comprehensive emission measurements in a special test chamber.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The production of all Prime Printing toner modules is envronmentally friendly, which is confirmed by the Nordic Swan environmental label. Nordic Swan attaches great importance to the reduction of the mountains of waste as well as to reducing energy consumption and raw material consumption in printer acessories where inter alia the following criteria are important: adhering to the re-use of recycled materials, environmentally friendly disposal of waste, availability of a recycling system, etc. The Nordic Swan environment label underlines the PRP Solutions commitment to responsible handling of the environment.

Print stability / Toner adhesion

Stable prints can be produced with a majority of printer accessories on selected printing equipment. Appropriate test prints are analysed by the PTS for resistance of the printed in Heidenau for resistance of the printed characters to mechanical, chemical and climatic stresses. They meet in these points all the requirements which are part of the self- verification for the production of signatures, copies and certified copies of notarial instruments.


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