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Your customers are looking for high quality, competitively priced hardcopy products. You want guaranteed quality, superior service and high margins from a supplier that understands your business. For your Private Label or complete range of Prime Printing Technologies branded products do not hesitate to contact us - PRP Solutions, one of the largest independent printer supplies manufacturer in Europe.


Private labels gain in Europe
Private labels are becoming even more popular with Europe's shoppers. Retailers are responding with bigger own brand programs featuring innovative new products and greater value. The market share of retailer brands advanced in 14 of the 20 countries tracked by Nielsen.


PRP Solutions toner and inkjet products are are available in:

  • Prime Printing Technologies brand
  • Private label design

Private label solutions for large resellers
We can offer a fully customized private label packaging layout, which integrates the PRP Solutions product line smoothly into your existing range.

Private labels - major advantages:

  • Private label branding allows retailers and resellers to create a personalized and unique image that strengthens customer loyalty
  • High acceptance of private label products among buyers
  • Top quality products boost your company's image in the market
  • Seamless integration into your existing assortment with the same layout
  • Independent marketing activities and pricing strategy   
  • Effective instrument for differentiation, policy shaping and strategic market positioning
  • Better establishment in the market
  • Local, on the ground, support from pelikan Hardcopy Production AG personnel


For further information, please see our catalog:

Please feel free to contact us; we have always a solution for you.

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